To keep hair smelling fresh, moisturize dry ends and to add "natural WOW-ness" between styling, NIOXIN's Volumizing Reflectives spray rocks!

Hair Fitness

Hair Fitness Shampoo and Conditioner makes split ends a thing of the past...even without cutting! Jeanie, who developed the product says that our hair is actually alive and that the product mends the helix structure of the hair shaft.... it's amazing!

Available at Whole Foods or

Vedic Meditation

Quantum physics proves that we attract that which our emotions vibrate. Meditation calms and centers your mind--your entire life from the inside out. Stress is the leading cause of aging… Because of its ability to release stress, it's the number one age-defying beauty product next to Branche Charmeuse Case!

Clean Living of Santa Monica

Health food for your skin! We all know that skin is our largest organ and absorbs everything we put on it… Encompasses the latest research while being completely natural for maximum effectiveness. I'm in love with my skin, again! My fav's are After-Sun Skin-Saver Lotion (I use it everyday), Most Excellent Hand Cream and Overnight Essential.

Kai Fragrance

The ONLY perfume I use…you'll have to try it and see how many men and women comment on how amazing you smell!!!


Marco Pelusi developed all of his hair products himself and most contain silk proteins to restore and restructure hair. Pricey and worth it… I've seen a friend's hair go from long and brittle to long and luscious! The Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner really keeps frizz at bay. You must try it!

The Fat Flush Plan

By Ann Louise Gittleman. The diet that works. Dimples are cute on faces, mine were on the other cheeks… I had tried everything. Based on healthy liver function and healthy fats. Bottom line… I love my smooth fanny!

Shaving Miracle

My girlfriend turned me on to this… Charged organic particles make hair stretch outward and provides a protective surface that let's the blade glide over, not scrape the skin…no more embarrassing irritation bumps or nicks… incredibly smooth and baby soft!

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